Tooth Colored Fillings

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Doctor holds jaw and dental UV lamp to fill dental jaw. Dental treatment concept

Pride in Fillings

Of all the procedures that we do, fillings are probably the most common and one of the most important. We take pride in doing dental fillings the right way every time. At Waters Family Dentistry, we take the same meticulous approach to even the smallest fillings as we do on a large crown or implant procedure.

Reasons that You Might Need a Filling

There are many indications for dental fillings. Dental decay, or a cavity, is the most obvious reason. Many small to medium sized cavities can be cleaned out and restored with a bonded tooth colored filling. The materials that we use today are very esthetic, blending in to match the color of the existing natural teeth. In some situations, broken teeth may also be repaired using a filling. This can be done in the front or back teeth, but there are limitations to the quality and performance of a filling if it becomes too big and replaces too much of the natural tooth. In those cases, a crown or onlay may be a more appropriate choice.

Filling Materials that We Use

The most common material that is used for our fillings is dental composite. This is a tooth colored material, and it can be used on front or back teeth. It is the most esthetic material in our toolbox, and most bonded composite fillings are barely noticeable once placed in teeth.
In some areas of the mouth, such as cavities in areas of gum recession near the tooth roots, we may use a material called glass ionomer. This material is also tooth colored and offers the distinct advantage of releasing fluoride into the tooth to which it is bonded.

Other Ways that We Use Filling Material

Dental Composite is a very versatile and useful material. We use it not only to fill cavities, but also to fill small gaps between teeth, to reshape teeth, or to repair small chips or fractures on the edges of teeth. Composite bonding can also be used to veneer front teeth. This provides a cost savings compared to traditional porcelain veneers, but the beauty, longevity, and tooth like appearance of porcelain veneers is unmatched.

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