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Emergencies Are Never Convenient

Dental emergencies never happen at a good or convenient time! These are stressful, and often painful instances that require timely attention. We strive to see dental emergency patients as soon as possible, usually the same day.

Example of Dental Emergencies

  • The classic example of a dental emergency is a toothache. This can be caused by a number of problems including deep cavities, cracked teeth, tooth infections, etc. If you are experiencing pain and/or swelling associated with a tooth or the gums, please contact us as soon as possible. It is usually a sign of a problem that needs immediate attention. Many times a tooth in this condition can be repaired. Endodontics, or a root canal, may be needed to save your tooth. The bottom line is this – if you think you have a problem, don’t wait! Infection can spread and become a very serious issue.
  • Broken teeth are also a common dental emergency. Some broken teeth may be repaired by tooth colored dental bonding, restoring the tooth to its natural shape and color. In other more severe cases, a crown may be needed to restore the broken tooth. Every case is evaluated individually, and your options will be clearly explained.
  • Crowns can also come off of teeth. If this is the case, Dr. Waters will carefully check the tooth. If the underlying tooth and the crown are in good condition, many times the crown can be cemented back onto the tooth. Just keep the crown in a safe place and bring it with you to your appointment. We will check it and guide you on the next steps.
  • In the most severe cases of dental emergencies, the result can be tooth loss. This is the last resort, as our goal is for you to maintain your natural teeth for as long as possible. Just remember, there are ways to replace lost teeth including dental implants, bridges, and partial dentures. We will explain the differences and options for tooth restoration for your specific situation.

If you have a dental emergency, please don’t wait! Call Waters Family Dentistry today and get started on the road to treatment.