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Whiten Your Teeth

Ever look in the mirror and wonder if you could whiten your teeth, and how much better they might look? Most of us have experience with some of the things that cause tooth stains or darkening. Your morning coffee, red wine, and certain antibiotics (especially tetracycline) can contribute to tooth stains. Smoking is known to be bad for your general health, and it also causes brown tooth staining that can be difficult to remove.
At Waters Family Dentistry we are happy to offer a couple of options for teeth whitening.

Custom Trays for Take Home Whitening

Custom trays are specifically fabricated to fit your teeth. We start by taking impressions of your upper and lower teeth. These impressions are then used to make your custom trays, which are thin, easy to insert clear trays that hold bleaching gel against the front surfaces of your teeth. Prescription strength bleaching gel is given to you along with your trays. Bleaching this way for one to two weeks, for as little as 20 to 30 minutes each day can make a dramatic difference. An advantage of this method is that you keep your trays after bleaching, and you can use them again months later for a bleaching “boost”.

Take Home Whitening Without Impressions

We also offer a take home bleaching kit called Opalescence Go. This is a great system for cases that are not extreme, or when you want to avoid impressions. The whitening trays are premade, and they come in a kit of ten. The preloaded whitening gel is prescription strength, and it is recommended to wear these for about twenty minutes per day. This is also a very cost-effective way to bleach your teeth with a product that is stronger than over the counter options!

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